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18 Nov 2012
Now you can download all our discography in мр3 320 and in lossless on the following references:7th Angel mp3 и 7th Angel lossless.

03 Jun 2008
In section Download songs of an album "The Silver Sky" are laid out all. The most part of songs while without the name. In the near future names of songs.

14 Apr 2008
In section Download songs of albums "The 7th Angel", "Black And White" and a bonus of a song album " the Total Armageddon " are laid out all. Now albums of group the Seventh Angel are accessible to everyone. Songs of an album "The Silver Sky" will be soon laid out all.

07 Feb 2008
There is begun work above creation of a new album in new structure. Soon will hear the first release.

10 Jan 2008
Attention! The structure of group the Seventh Angel has replenished with one more guitarist: Alexander Grechanyuk (a rhythm a guitar).

29 мая 2006 г.
Attention! E-mail SlavaDHS@rambler.ru has been stolen. The request to not write any more to this address, and reciprocal letters to consider precisely as provocation. New email: SlavaDHS@voliacable.com.

22 Aug 2005
At last work above creation of an album "The Silver sky " has come to the end. In section "Download" it is possible download and to listen to some songs from this album.

25 Feb 2005
In section of "Articles", is laid out article about the DOD Overdrive-250

24 Feb 2005
In section of "Articles", is laid out IBANEZ RULES!! NAMM 2003 TREMS

23 Feb 2005
In section of "Articles", some lessons for guitarpleerrs, which share Paul Gilber and Yngwie Malmsteen are laid out

22 Feb 2005
The English version of our site began to work. Completion of a graphic part is now conducted.

14 Feb 2005
In section Download the first song of a new album " the Silver sky " is laid out.

7 Feb 2005
On our site the new section - "Clauses" has appeared. We think this section will be interesting to many musicians.

27 Jan 2005
In section Download all songs of the second album are laid out. Songs marked $ can be received completely not dearly through DigiSeller having paid WebMoney.

25 Jan 2005
7th Angel continues record new albums. 3 songs of the third album "The Total Armageddon" and 3 songs of the fourth album "The Silver sky" are written down.

22 Jan 2005
The subitem of a site " the Exchange of references " is modified. Now there is an opportunity independently to add the банер.

20 Jan 2005
Our site on the new domain spb.ru

11 Jul 2004
Today on the Internet we represent on court of the public a site of our group, and also our work which as we надеимся, it will be appreciated by you.

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