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History of group 7TH ANGEL

What occurs, when the musician comes to the God? Correctly. It aspires to devote the skill to Him. It also happened with me when I have come to the Lord. Behind there was a plaing on drums in legendary Kiev group "Crosswise", texts and arrangement of music for this command and the headless rock-and-roll. There was a middle 90, and I, as well as many then, felt weariness from rock. It has led to record of an album " In the beginning … ", under easily soiled "МРК" (my initials) in fashionable then a direction industrial. The album has been issued by small circulation and, unfortunately, in the original was not kept. After that there has come a pause during which I actively was engaged in studio, but ideas about the musical project persistently did not leave me. By then, in me interest to heavy music has again woken up. Attempt to write down a collecting material with my old friend on "Crosswise", the veteran Kiev rock stage and the magnificent guitarist, Sergey Mishchenko has been undertaken. But somehow process did not go. I participated in church group of worship, played on drums, played in the same place on keyboard, tried to involve musicians in heavy music. Like much it was interesting, but process again did not move … until Rostik Levchuk (thanks, friend) has not acquainted me with guitarist-virtuoso Nikolay Kiriljukom. Nikolay has record in my studio some compositions and, in an operating time, between us there was a magnificent mutual understanding. It has responded to the offer on the joint project with huge enthusiasm. And there was our project " 7th Angel " and the same debut album. The reason of such name, in that strongest impression which was made on me with 10 chapter of the book of "Revelation". It is heavy and, at the same time optimistical, the chapter of the book. It is heavy and, at the same time, a transparent album. The light mood of worship and optimism is supplemented with force of a spiritual abuse ...

For any period of an affair have pushed aside me from metal. A lot of feedback demanded studio and a mad techno–folk the project " DJ Lalo" by Peter Sherstnikov in whom I have honour to take part as the keyboard player and the arranger. But has passed time, and the new material which could continue history " 7th Angel " has ripened. The period " Black and White " has come. Those feelings which I experienced at that time, have defined music and texts - aggression and rigidity. The world around of us requires changes, and each our step is a decision, it is the contribution in " Black or White " …

It is necessary to note Nikolay's increased skill, as the guitarist and the arranger which is evident show on this album. His instrumental " From darkness in light " me has simply shaken. It was so organically entered in a music of an album, that I cannot present " Black any more and White " without this track …

Now there is a record new, the third under the account, an album. The working name - " the Book of the Life ". On the one hand, it is that book which we write our daily acts. On the other hand, it is the book in which the God brings names of His children. Whether there is your name in this book, the dear friend? Reflect.The "7th Angel" welcomes you.

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