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The group 7th Angel

The 7th Angel
    "The 7th Angel" 2002
  1. The last day (Pompeii and not only)
  2. Jesus the savior
  3. Revival in the Christ
  4. Lion from Judas's knee
  5. Word of the Christ
  6. Winner
  7. The glass sea (Rev. 15 ch.)
  8. Armageddon
  9. Sword of the Word
  10. Correct rate
Black and White
    "Black and White" 2004
  1. New heavens above the new land
  2. The price of war
  3. Force of belief and love
  4. Everything, that is necessary for us, it only love
  5. TV antichrist
  6. Jerusalem
  7. The eternity calls
  8. Until I have not died
  9. From darkness in light (instrumental)
  10. Babylon will fall
The Total Armageddon
    "The Total Armageddon"
    The collection Ukrainian Christian metal cultures 2004
The Silver Sky
    "The Silver Sky"
    The collection Ukrainian Christian metal cultures 2005

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