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Studio DHS

"It's a long way to the top
if you wanna rock'n'roll
Bon Scott, AC/DC

DHS - is the small budgetary studio which has thrown successful call to monsters of the Ukrainian industry of a sound recording. In DHS such bright representatives of the national metal scene as Ambivalence, CrossWise, Requital, Holy Blood, Submind, Which Hunter, Эвроклидон, 7th Angel, Wild Garden, Vicious Delight, Semargl has record albums. With a material of many of these groups it is possible will familiarize, having visited section Download of a known Ukrainian metal network resource - Froster On Line (http: // www.froster.com.ua/). But not metal uniform the studio is alive. Here wrote the demos hard-core Factor150 and Sunctum. The punk represented by an album of group Ersh and a demo records of Podshipniki and Brain Concussions. The history of studio and without the pop music - Valery Zemskih, DJ Lalo, Lada has not costed; alternatives - Coma (Kiev), Milk; a chanson - Paul Dochev.

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