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The group 7TH ANGEL

Slava Malinin Nikolay Kiriljuk

Slava Malinin
vocal, keyboard, bass, drums, programming
Nikolay Kiriljuk
all guitars

Aleksand Grechanjuk

Aleksand Grechanjuk
rithm guitars

From ours discography

The 7th Angel

People create to themselves idols, in vain hope to receive from them the help a difficult minute. They live, having covered with this hope till the moment of accident, as also unfortunate inhabitants Pompeii, cities buried under volcanic ashes …

More in detail

What occurs, when the musician comes to the God? Correctly. It aspires to devote the skill to Him. It also happened with me when I have come to the Lord. Behind there was a plaing on drums in legendary Kiev group "Crosswise", texts and arrangement of music for this command and the headless rock-and-roll. There was a middle 90, and I, as well as many then, felt weariness from rock. It has led to record of an album "In the beginning …"...

Last news

18 Nov 2012
Now you can download all our discography in мр3 320 and in lossless on the following references:7th Angel mp3 и 7th Angel lossless.

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Souvenirs! Hits of sales: umbrellas, calendars, polyethylene packages.

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